Tosin Oyeniyi

The Newcomer Observer Award-winning Artist

TOSIN OYENIYI was born in early 1987 in Oyo State, Nigeria. He studied Fine and Applied Arts at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. where he was honoured with Bachelor of Art Education. Been a seasoned Art graduate, coupled with exploration, experience and his love for art from teen made him to choose Art as career; and these have a lot of influence on his art rendition.

Tosin’s adverse research, study, practice and exploration helps and exposed him to many art ideologies and renditions in the field of career he has chosen; that lead him into discovery and invention of his own lino etching and printing style been a graphic specialist in his university days.

He also work on mixed media and art installations because he believes art is all about creativity and aesthetics, through the help of art, everything is beautiful.

Tosin got his belief about art from an early stage art definition ‘ Art is life, representation and expression of inner thoughts and feelings that has to do with creativity and aesthetics.

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